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I started playing the guitar when I was 11 years old, and by age 12 I had played my first gig at my Aunt & Uncle's bar in Luxemberg. My first band was three piece, and we played everything from old time waltzes to rock n' roll. When I began high school, I started another three piece band which stayed together through high school and into our twenties. One night we were playing at a local establishment, the owner said that our band name (Dungeon, Fire and Sword) sounded too hard rock for our style of music. He suggested that we change our name to BLT, (which stands for Bill Lommel Trio). He joked that we'd be on every menu in town!

From then on we were known as the BLT Band. Over the years the band has grown - we are now a five piece band. While the band has changed, my role has not; in all of these bands I have played guitar and sung lead vocals. I have played in bands all my life because I really enjoy entertaining people and watching them have fun. There's no way to explain the feeling you get when you know you have connected with the audience through a song or made their wedding day special. Some of my musical influences are Johnny Cash, Alabama, James Taylor, Neil Diamond, and George Strait, to name a few.

Bill Lommel - Vocals, Guitar

Barb Merten - Vocals, Keyboards


Barb grew up in the country with a family rooted in music.  Her Grandpa Al had a band years ago called Al & the Blue Jackets, and he started a family tradition for many to follow. Now, several family members are in different working bands in the area.

Barb started out playing the piano by ear at a very young age.  From there she just kept exploring music in every way possible, whether it was singing in the church choir, playing the clarinet, or playing various percussion instruments.  Barb grew up listening to many different styles of music, from John Denver, Alabama, Bryan Adams, REO Speedwagon, to George Strait.  She's also a huge Patsy Cline fan, and all of the old classic country from the 60s and 70s. 

Barb says, "That's what I really like about being a part of BLT.  We play such a wide variety of music and really capture many different audiences as a result.  Some nights we do many of the old rock and roll and country songs, other nights we do mostly current songs…no two nights are ever the same. I really enjoy singing for weddings…the whole event is so very special and being able to be a part of that is what makes it all worth it!  So often a bride and groom will come up at the end of the night and thank us for making their night special and they say that there is just nothing like having a "live" band versus hiring a DJ, and that their guests keep commenting on how classy it is that they hired a band.  You can play CDs anytime and anywhere, but a band can makes it unique in every way!"

Gary Eikmeier is the drummer for BLT, and he's a doozy. Self-taught and with a passion for great music, Gary drives the band with his tasteful yet hard-hitting style.

As a young child, Gary started playing the coffee cans, then graduated to a real drum kit at age 10. Some of his musical influences are Neal Pert (Rush), REO Speedwagon, Journey and Styx.

He also does great animal impressions. Just ask him.

Gary Eikmeier - Drums, Vocals

Jason Stice - Guitar, Vocals

"I started playing guitar at the age of 13. My entire family is rooted in music with my parents performing for 40 years (Karmann Goldwyn) and making a living performing music there was no shortage of jam sessions in the house. Played for Rocori High School marching band, wind ensemble and pep band. Soon after I started a band singing and playing guitar playing classic rock and blues.

Guitarists that I look up to are Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Brad Paisley and my dad Mike Stice.

BLT Rocks because it has amazing musicians and everyone has fun."

Bass player Terry Miles hails from South Dakota and attended music school at SDSU. He got his start playing bass in the US Army Band, living and performing in Missouri, Virginia, Germany, Kansas, Chicago, and Seoul, South Korea. Terry also spent many years playing all types of music in northeast Wisconsin, northwest Iowa, and most recently here in central Minnesota. When he's not gigging he likes to spend time travelling, spending time in nature, or enjoying a good CD or live musical performance. He jokingly refers to his personal musical tastes as "sophisticated," but in fact he just considers himself a lucky country kid who loves to play for music lovers everywhere. 

Terry Miles - Bass
To get in touch with the band, please call us at (320) 259-1183 or e-mail us at
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